The Serialist: A Novel

The Serialist: A Novel

David Gordon

A darkish and fashionable PAGE-TURNER FROM A daring NEW VOICE IN FICTION

Harry Bloch is a suffering author who pumps out pulpy serial novels—from vampire books to detective stories—under a variety of pseudonyms. yet his existence starts to mimic his fiction whilst he has the same opinion to ghostwrite the memoir of Darian Clay, big apple City’s notorious picture Killer. quickly, 3 younger women take place lifeless, every one murdered within the photograph Killer’s grotesque signature kind, and Harry needs to play detective in a real-life homicide plot as he struggles to prevent turning into the killer’s subsequent sufferer.

Witty, irreverent, and unique, The Serialist is a love letter to books—from poetry to pornography—and facts that fact quite should be stranger than fiction.

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