The Secret Tradition of the Soul

The Secret Tradition of the Soul

Patrick Harpur

In The mystery culture of the Soul, author Patrick Harpur argues that solutions to life’s so much tough questions—the that means of lifestyles, the character of self, and the life of an afterlife—can be met through a visionary culture that runs via Western tradition, from Greek philosophy and Renaissance alchemy to Romantic poetry and glossy intensity psychology. This hidden culture, in keeping with Harpur, areas our soul on the heart of the universe and emphasizes mind's eye, the collective subconscious, and an “otherworld” or afterlife; particularly, it teaches us easy methods to recognize ourselves and the way to recuperate a feeling of that means mostly misplaced this day. Harpur indicates how this practice drives the literature of otherworld trips, from the flights of shamans and the goals of psychoanalysis to the mystic mind's eye of Romantic poets and the visions of these having near-death studies. The mystery Tradition of the Soul is the 1st publication to assemble jointly the entire threads of the soul culture and weave them right into a larger, clearer photograph, proposing a worldview right away old and revolutionary.

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