The Second Tree: Of Clones, Chimeras and Quests for Immortality

The Second Tree: Of Clones, Chimeras and Quests for Immortality

Elaine Dewar

The moment Tree documents a organic revolution that may switch how you take into consideration the fabric global, your individual lifestyles or even the inevitability of your individual death

Genetic scientists are busily pushing again the limits of the humanly attainable, hiking the branches of a tree of lifestyles that has been grafted via guy, no longer God. Elaine Dewar chronicles the lives, the discoveries, and the feuds between smooth biologists, exploring how they've got crafted the instruments to change human evolution. She travels the globe at the path of Charles Darwin and his highbrow descendants, telling the tale of James D. Watson and his companion Francis Crick, who first defined DNA; of Frederick Sanger, who invented easy methods to series genes and gained Nobel prizes; of the pc scientists who positioned the human genome at the world-wide-web. She visits businesses which are attempting to flip cloned sheep into pharmacies at the hoof, to resurrect prize cows from the grave, to transplant human genes into mice — eventually trying to provide us immortality in items whereas attempting to maintain traders satisfied. As those stories spill out, we discover out how biologists research by means of doing: tearing mice and worms and flies and human eggs aside, twinning disparate animal cells and genes jointly — growing clones and chimeras as outlandish as any sphinx.

In public, examine biologists frequently convey their strong intentions approximately curing the massive ailments. In deepest, lots of them are forced by way of livid struggles to be wealthy, well-known and primary. Dewar lays naked the causes, conflicts and fears of the lads and girls whose activity it truly is to trespass the limits of what laypeople examine moral and sacred.

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