The Scientist and the Church

The Scientist and the Church

Jonathan Nitzan, Shimshon Bichler

"The Scientist and the Church" is a wide-ranging biography of analysis, showcasing Bichler and Nitzan’s makes an attempt to damage during the stifling dogmas of the tutorial church and chart a brand new medical cosmology of capitalism. crucial to the authors’ paintings is the thought that capital isn't really a effective fiscal type yet capitalized strength, and that capitalism might be conceived and researched no longer as a method of construction and intake yet as a style of strength.

The articles accrued during this quantity define the overall contours in their procedure, flesh out a few of their contemporary learn and provide own insights into the wider politics in their trip. the 1st chapters reexamine the typical foundations of the neoclassical and Marxist doctrines, comic strip the contours of the authors’ replacement cosmology of capitalized strength, determine the asymptotes – or limits – of this strength and discover the all-encompassing common sense of contemporary finance. next chapters study the relationship among redistribution and cyclical crises, think again the Marxist nexus among imperialism and financialism, reconsider the oft-misunderstood function of crime and punishment within the capitalist mode of energy and articulate a brand new idea and historical past of Middle-East strength conflicts. The final chapters comprise big-picture interviews, in addition to riveting reflections at the authors’ personal clinical clashes with the church.

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