The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance

The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance

Fritjof Capra

Leonardo da Vinci’s pioneering clinical paintings used to be almost unknown in the course of his lifetime. Now acclaimed scientist and bestselling writer Fritjof Capra unearths that Leonardo used to be in lots of methods the unacknowledged “father of contemporary science.” Drawing on an exam of over 6,000 pages of Leonardo’s surviving notebooks, Capra explains that Leonardo approached clinical wisdom with the eyes of an artist. via his reports of dwelling and nonliving varieties, from structure and human anatomy to the turbulence of water and the expansion styles of grasses, he pioneered the empirical, systematic method of the remark of nature—what is referred to now because the medical strategy.

Leonardo's clinical explorations have been terribly wide-ranging. He studied the flight styles of birds to create a few of the first human flying machines. utilizing his realizing of weights and levers and trajectories and forces, he designed army guns and defenses, and used to be in reality considered as one of many most suitable army engineers of his period. He studied optics, the character of sunshine, and the workings of the human middle and circulatory method. due to his substantial wisdom of hydraulics, he was once employed to create designs for rebuilding the infrastructure of Milan and the apparent of Lombardy, utilizing the very rules nonetheless utilized by urban planners this day. He was once a mechanical genius, and but his worldview was once no longer mechanistic yet natural and ecological. this is because, in Capra's view, Leonardo's science—centuries sooner than his time in a bunch of fields—is eminently proper to our time.

Enhanced with fifty appealing sepia-toned illustrations, The technological know-how of Leonardo is a clean and significant portrait of a mammoth determine on the earth of technology and the arts.

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