The Science of Ghosts: Searching for Spirits of the Dead

The Science of Ghosts: Searching for Spirits of the Dead

Joe Nickell

Are ghosts actual? Are there really haunted areas, in basic terms haunted humans, or either? and the way will we recognize? Taking neither a credulous nor a dismissive technique, this first-of-its-kind publication solves these puzzling mysteries and more--even answering the query of why we care so a great deal.

Putting apart simply romantic stories, this ebook examines the particular facts for ghosts--from eyewitness money owed to mediumistic productions (such as diaphanous varieties materializing in dim light), spirit images, ghost-detection phenomena, or even CSI-type hint proof. providing a variety of fascinating case reviews, this booklet engages in severe research instead of breathless mystifying. Pseudoscience, people legends, and outright hoaxes are challenged and uncovered, whereas the old, cultural, and clinical points of ghost studies and haunting studies are rigorously explored.

The author--the world's in simple terms specialist paranormal investigator--brings his abilities as a degree magician, deepest detective, folklorist, and forensic technological know-how author to endure on an issue that calls for severe learn.

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