The S Word: A Short History of an American Tradition...Socialism

The S Word: A Short History of an American Tradition...Socialism

John Nichols

A brief, sharp, irreverent rejoinder to right-wing red-baiting

through the chilly warfare it grew to become a grimy note within the usa, yet “socialism” runs like a crimson thread in the course of the nation’s background, a vital part of its political realization because the founding of the republic. during this unapologetic corrective to today’s collective amnesia, John Nichols demands the proud go back of socialism in American existence. He remembers the reforms lauded through Founding Father Tom Paine; the presence of Karl Marx’s journalism in American letters; the left leanings of founders of the Republican social gathering; the socialist politics of Helen Keller; the innovative legacy of figures like Chaplin and Einstein. Now in an up-to-date edition, The “S” Word makes a case for socialist principles as an necessary a part of American history. a brand new ultimate bankruptcy considers the new indicators of a leftward sea swap in American politics within the face of accelerating and historical degrees of inequality.

at the present time, corporations—like different wealthy “individuals”—pay fewer taxes than they did within the Fifties, whereas our infrastructure crumbles and the seas upward push. The “S” Word addresses a country which can not have enough money to place capital sooner than humans.

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