The Russian Origins of the First World War

The Russian Origins of the First World War

Sean McMeekin

The disaster of the 1st international conflict, and the destruction, revolution, and enduring hostilities it wrought, make the difficulty of its origins a perennial puzzle. seeing that global conflict II, Germany has been considered because the fundamental perpetrator. Now, in an important reinterpretation of the clash, Sean McMeekin rejects the traditional notions of the war's starting as both a Germano-Austrian preemptive strike or a "tragedy of miscalculation." as a substitute, he proposes that the major to the outbreak of violence lies in St. Petersburg.

It used to be Russian statesmen who unleashed the battle via wide awake coverage judgements in keeping with imperial targets within the close to East. in contrast to their civilian opposite numbers in Berlin, who might have most well-liked to localize the Austro-Serbian clash, Russian leaders wanted a extra normal struggle as long as British participation was once guaranteed. The conflict of 1914 was once introduced at a propitious second for harnessing the may of england and France to neutralize the German risk to Russia's objective: partitioning the Ottoman Empire to make sure keep an eye on of the Straits among the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

approximately a century has handed because the weapons fell silent at the western entrance. yet within the lands of the previous Ottoman Empire, international struggle I smolders nonetheless. Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs and Jews, and different neighborhood antagonists proceed struggling with over the past scraps of the Ottoman inheritance. As we search to make feel of those conflicts, McMeekin's robust exposé of Russia's goals within the First global battle will remove darkness from our knowing of the 20th century.

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