The Road to Mars: A Post-Modem Novel

The Road to Mars: A Post-Modem Novel

Eric Idle

What makes people bark?
Is the humorous bone funny?
What is the algebra of comedy?
Did the sitcom originate with the ape?

Carlton is an android (a 4.5 Bowie man made Intelligence  Robot) who works for Alex and Lewis, comedians from the twenty-second century who trip the outer vaudeville circuit of the sunlight procedure identified paradoxically because the street to Mars. His challenge is that even though as a working laptop or computer he can't comprehend irony, he's trying to write a thesis approximately comedy, its position in evolution, and even if it may well ever be cured. And he's additionally learning the comedians of the overdue 20th century (including vague and esoteric comedy acts reminiscent of Monty Python's Flying Circus) in his look for the comedy gene.
In the interim, whereas auditioning for a gig at the Princess Di (a sun cruise ship), his employers inadvertently offend the wonderful diva Brenda Woolley and get involved in a terrorist plot opposed to Mars, the house of Showbiz.

Can Carlton hinder Alex and Lewis from wasting their gigs, support them conquer the affection factor, and at last comprehend the which means of comedy within the universe?  Will a robotic ever rather be capable of do stand-up? As Einstein may have acknowledged, not anything within the universe can go back and forth swifter than the rate of laughter.

The street to Mars was once named the best books of 1999 by way of the Los Angeles Times.

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