The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

Alex Callinicos

Few thinkers were declared inappropriate and old-fashioned with such frequency as Karl Marx. not often a decade given that his dying has passed by during which institution critics haven't introduced the loss of life of his conception. complete forests were felled to provide the paper essential to gas this attempt to marginalize the coauthor of The Communist Manifesto.

And but, regardless of their most sensible efforts to bury him repeatedly, Marx’s specter keeps to hang-out his detractors greater than a century after his passing. As one other overseas fiscal cave in pushes ever growing to be numbers out of labor, and a renewed wave of renowned insurrection sweeps around the globe, a brand new iteration is studying to disregard all of the taboos and scorn piled upon Marx’s principles and rediscovering that the issues he addressed in his time are remarkably just like these of our own.

In this enticing and obtainable advent, Alex Callinicos demonstrates that Marx’s rules carry a permanent relevance for today’s activists struggling with opposed to poverty, inequality, oppression, environmental destruction, and the various different injustices of the capitalist system.

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