The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving: A Novel

The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving: A Novel

Jonathan Evison

In The Revised basics of Caregiving (releasing June 24, 2016 as a Netflix unique movie titled The basics of Caring, starring Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez), Jonathan Evison, writer of the hot novel this can be Your existence, Harriet Chance! and the New York Times bestseller West of Here, has crafted a singular of the guts, a narrative of not going heroes in a grand American landscape.

For Ben Benjamin, all has been lost--his spouse, his family members, his domestic, his livelihood. Hoping to discover a brand new course, he enrolls in an evening classification referred to as the basics of Caregiving, the place he'll discover ways to look after individuals with disabilities. he's suggested approximately professionalism, approximately the best way to retain an emotional distance among patron and supplier, and concerning the artwork of putting catheters whereas averting legal responsibility. but if Ben is assigned his first client--a tyrannical nineteen-year-old boy named Trevor, who's within the complex phases of Duchenne muscular dystrophy--he quickly discovers that the unending provider checklists have performed not anything to arrange him for the truth of taking care of a fiercely obdurate, sexually pissed off teen who has an ax to grind with the entire world.

over the years, the connection among Ben and Trev, which had began with mutual misgivings, evolves right into a shut friendship, and the normal limitations among sufferer and caregiver start to blur. The bond among them strengthens as they embark on a highway journey to go to Trev’s unwell father--a trip rerouted by way of a sequence of unusual roadside sights that propel them into an impulsive experience disrupted via one beginning, arrests, a freakish airborne dirt and dust typhoon, and a six-hundred-mile cat-and-mouse pursuit by way of a mysterious brown Buick Skylark. by way of the tip of that trip, Trev has had his first style of affection, and Ben has came upon a brand new cause to like life.

Bursting with power and choked with moments of absolute good looks, this big-hearted and encouraged novel ponders life’s bad surprises in addition to what it takes to actually take care of one other human being.

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