The Reality of Things: A Guide to Occult Principles

The Reality of Things: A Guide to Occult Principles

Lee 'Red Oak' Johnson

The fact of Things is an exploration into the brain of a Magician and Witch. Lee ‘Red Oak’ Johnson examines the various issues that make up the Occult Paths of Magick and Witchcraft and brings to mild the truth of the location. This ebook is usually aimed toward the newbie at the Paths, yet doesn't exclude the pro practitioner.

What you will discover during this ebook is a small tome of data that years of research and perform have exposed. issues similar to the ability that flows in the course of the Land and during the physique, Wyrd, experiences of the Pentagram and Hexagram, and the instructing of Circle Casting from numerous Paths. additionally, you will locate discussions on subject matters akin to full of life Entities, Faery and the Fetch, and functional directions geared toward the newbie, on altar construction and meditation. All in all, this publication will create a valid beginning for any practitioner of the Artes, and may lead into the start of a Magickal process that may let you spiritually evolve into an Adept.

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