The Quillan Games (Pendragon)

The Quillan Games (Pendragon)

D.J. MacHale

Let the video games Begin....
Quillan is a territory at the verge of destruction. the folks have misplaced regulate in their personal destiny and needs to fight just to continue to exist. the one probability they've got of discovering a greater existence is by means of enjoying the Quillan video games. Hosted by means of a wierd pair of online game masters, Veego and LaBerge, the video games are a mixture of game and wrestle. They use the folk of Quillan as pawns for his or her leisure as they strength them to go into competitions that diversity from actual battles, to very unlikely challenge classes, to computer-driven checks of agility. To triumph within the video games is to reside the lifetime of a king. To lose is to die.

this can be the harmful and lethal scenario Bobby Pendragon unearths on Quillan. He speedy realizes that the single strategy to retailer this stricken territory is to overcome Veego and LaBerge at their very own video games and dismantle their terrible enjoyable condo. yet there's extra at stake for Bobby. The prize for successful the Quillan video games will be getting to know the reality of what it relatively capability a vacationer.

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