The Pursuit

The Pursuit

Johanna Lindsey

What used to be to be a grand event for Melissa MacGregor -- an break out from the wilds of her Scottish domestic into the whirl of the London social scene -- turns out to light prior to the promise within the passionate gaze of Lincoln Ross Burnett. notwithstanding they alternate yet a couple of phrases prior to parting after an opportunity stumble upon on her grandfather's lands, Melissa immediately is aware this daring stranger is her future, whereas Lincoln realizes his middle has been claimed endlessly and he'll by no means be whole till Melissa MacGregor is his bride.

yet there are severe stumbling blocks impeding the well-smitten Viscount Cambury's pursuit of wonderful romance: 16 of them -- all enormous and brawny, six named Ian and all named MacFearson. The bane of Lincoln's early life, Melissa's stifling, disapproving uncles at the moment are decided to rob him of his newfound happiness. but he's both resolved to confront the peril -- and to pursue his beautiful obsession the entire strategy to London. . . and to the ends of the earth, if useful.

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