The Prince's Bride (Effington Family & Friends)

The Prince's Bride (Effington Family & Friends)

Victoria Alexander

Once upon a time there has been a tender debutante of skill who dreamed of marrying a prince. So she traveled to London to turn into . . .

The Prince's Bride

As a bad yet proud younger girl, Jocelyn Shelton had yet one dream: to marry a prince and convey convenience to herself and her kin. Now situations deliver her to London, the place her charms can make her want come actual. yet her rendezvous with royalty is dangerously interrupted, and she or he unearths herself rescued—and completely kissed—by Rand, Viscount Beaumont . . . a bold guy within the provider of the king.

To safeguard her lifestyles, Rand whisks her away to the geographical region, and to shield her popularity, he consents to marry the willful good looks. girl Jocelyn is infrequently his first selection as a bride, yet underneath her fiery nature he uncovers a young vulnerability and a hot ardour. yet Rand is preserving a stunning secret-one that, while published, may possibly both shake her trust in him or make herrealize that it takes greater than blue blood to be a real prince.

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