The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation

The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation

Drew Westen

The Political Brain is a groundbreaking research into the function of emotion in deciding on the political lifetime of the country. for 2 a long time Drew Westen, professor of psychology and psychiatry at Emory collage, has explored a conception of the brain that differs considerably from the extra "dispassionate" notions held by way of so much cognitive psychologists, political scientists, and economists—and Democratic crusade strategists. the assumption of the brain as a funky calculator that makes judgements by means of weighing the facts bears no relation to how the mind truly works. while political applicants imagine citizens dispassionately make judgements according to "the issues," they lose. that is why just one Democrat has been re-elected to the presidency because Franklin Roosevelt—and just one Republican has failed in that quest.

In politics, while cause and emotion collide, emotion consistently wins. Elections are made up our minds on the market of feelings, a industry full of values, photos, analogies, ethical sentiments, and relocating oratory, within which common sense performs just a helping function. Westen exhibits, via a whistle-stop trip in the course of the evolution of the passionate mind and a bravura journey via fifty years of yankee presidential and nationwide elections, why campaigns be successful and fail. The proof is overwhelming that 3 issues make sure how humans vote, during this order: their emotions towards the events and their rules, their emotions towards the applicants, and, in the event that they have not determined via then, their emotions towards the applicants' coverage positions.

Westen turns traditional political analyses on their head, suggesting that the query for Democratic politics is not a lot approximately relocating to the suitable or the left yet approximately relocating the voters. He exhibits the way it may be performed via examples of what applicants have said—or can have said—in debates, speeches, and advertisements. Westen's discoveries may possibly completely remodel electoral mathematics, displaying how a unique view of the brain and mind ends up in a special means of speaking with electorate approximately concerns that experience tied the tongues of Democrats for far of 40 years—such as abortion, weapons, taxes, and race. you cannot swap the constitution of the mind. yet you could switch how you entice it. And this is how…

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