The Pirate Prince (Ascension Trilogy, Book 1)

The Pirate Prince (Ascension Trilogy, Book 1)

Gaelen Foley

On a relaxed moonlit evening, because the smell of jasmine and pine embraced the island of Ascension, the pirate prince Lazar di Fiori returns with deadly grace to avenge what was once stolen from him: his state, his birthright, his soul. . . .

Allegra Monteverdi, the daughter of Lazar's sworn enemy, proves an uncommonly strong adversary. She throws herself on his mercy, her braveness and sweetness touching his chilly, unforgiving middle. He consents to spare the lives of her family--but provided that Allegra sails away with him as his captive. For his quest for vengeance nonetheless burns fiercely, and he'll accept not anything under Allegra's physique and soul.

Alone at sea with this darkish, interesting guy, relocating among seduction and worry, Allegra gazes into eyes as deep and mysterious because the evening and sees who this pirate fairly is. Lazar--the prince of her formative years goals. even though he used to be rumored to be murdered years in the past, she regularly believed sometime he might go back. however it will take greater than her love for this pirate prince to deliver peace to her loved domestic. For Lazar needs to face the demons of his shattered past--if he's to forge the future that's theirs to say. . . .

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