The Paradox of Evolution: The Strange Relationship between Natural Selection and Reproduction

The Paradox of Evolution: The Strange Relationship between Natural Selection and Reproduction

This publication examines a little-noted contradiction inherent within the crucial parts of Darwin's thought of organic evolution--natural choice and replica. Physiologist Stephen Rothman makes the innovative declare that the evolution of life's advanced and numerous reproductive mechanisms isn't the final result of ordinary choice. In so doing, he exposes the private query attainable approximately life's nature--its explanation for being.

In meticulously designated yet obtainable phrases he lays out the crux of the anomaly and provides an exciting answer inside a naturalistic framework. In an ostensibly purposeless universe, in some way functional existence has developed. For all dwelling issues there are overarching reasons: survival and the production of recent lifestyles. traditional choice is set the survival of present lifestyles, yet has no real interest in life's destiny, approximately no matter if it persists or perishes. in contrast, replica is simply concerning the way forward for existence, and has little interest in latest lifestyles other than as a way to that end.

Where do those reasons come from? As Rothman demonstrates, at each point existence is stressed to react to possibility. Counterintuitively, with no the risk to its life, existence shouldn't have come into being. As for copy, nature's harmful forces force the construction of latest life.

Written with nice readability and expert through deep studying, this stylish, considerate paintings tackles the most difficult questions raised by means of the speculation of evolution, whereas calling to brain Darwin's well-known phrases from the belief of On the foundation of Species: "There is a grandeur during this view of life."

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