Origins of Olympus (Pegasus)

Origins of Olympus (Pegasus)

Kate O'Hearn

Emily and her winged horse, face an historical problem of Olympic proportions during this fourth publication of the fascinating Pegasus series.

A lethal plague has struck Olympus. whereas the Olympians fade one after the other, Emily’s center breaks as she watches, relatively while Pegasus starts to slide away. decided to save lots of him, she embarks on an research that takes her again in time to the origins of Olympus and to the lethal conflict among the Olympians and the Titans.

In the current, she needs to face the strength of the CRU. some time past, she needs to confront Cronus, the daddy of the gods and chief of the Titans, who's rationale on destroying his offspring. while Emily encounters the whole strength of the flame and a discovery which may switch the face of heritage, will she make the ideal judgements? And within the race opposed to time to save lots of Pegasus, will Olympus locate its precise hero?

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