The Order War (Recluce series, Book 4)

The Order War (Recluce series, Book 4)

L. E. Modesitt Jr.

The saga of Recluce, introduced in The Magic of Recluce and carrying on with in The Towers of the sundown and The Magic Engineer reaches a brand new climax in The Order War. "Modesitt has created an extremely bright world," says L. Sprague de Camp, "so concretely visualized as to offer the effect that Modesitt himself should have dwelt there." Publishers Weekly says, "Modesitt creates a posh global bgased on a believable method of magic and peopled with attractive and life like characters."

Set after the occasions of The Magic Engineer (and sooner than The Magic of Recluce) The Order War illuminates nice figures and significant occasions within the historical battle among order and chaos that's the imperative concentration of the saga of Recluce.

The lethal White Wizards of Fairhaven, wielding the forces of chaos, have accomplished their nice road throughout the Westhorns and now threatened the traditional matriarchy of Sarronnyn, the final bastion of order in Candar. The ruler of Sarronnyn appeals to the Black order wizards of Recluce for help.

Justen - a tender Black Engineer within the urban of Nylan - joins the comfort strength. regardless of their luck in destroying greater than part the White armies, Sarronnyn falls to the White Wizards, and Justen is chased into the main inhospitable barren region in Candar. those trials are however the starting, for the White Wizards have all Candar of their clutch. Justen needs to struggle either Recluce and Fairhaven, in addition to the top powers of order and the forbidden know-how to harness chaos itself in his efforts to halt the conquest of the chaos wizards.

The Order warfare is the fourth publication of the saga of Recluce.

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