The Night of the Hunter

The Night of the Hunter

Davis Grubb, Patrick Loehr, Paul Wedlake

Murderous ex-convict Harry Powell misrepresents himself as a jail chaplain upon his liberate from legal. performing on a narrative instructed to him by way of his now-dead cellmate, "Reverend" Powell cons the cellmate's widow into marrying him in hopes that her little ones will inform him the place their father concealed the money from his final theft. After killing their mom, Willa Harper, he embarks on a hunt for the kids, who've sensed his evil and are working from him.

Grubb explores the presentation of the yankee South in the course of the nice melancholy. He makes use of tropes of the Southern Gothic style to discover concerns equivalent to social corruption and instability. The determine of the Preacher is a logo of the corruptive social strength of faith within the American South, whereas the disruption of the family emphasises the damaged feel of Southern id after the Civil battle.

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