The Neanderthals (Peoples of the Ancient World)

The Neanderthals (Peoples of the Ancient World)

Friedemann Shrenk

The Neanderthal is one of the so much mysterious family of Homo sapiens: used to be he a lifeless, club-swinging muscleman, or a being with built social behaviour and the power to talk, to devise accurately, or even to enhance perspectives at the afterlife?

For many, the Neanderthals are an instance of primitive people, yet new discoveries recommend that this photo has to be revised. part 1000000 years in the past in Ice Age Europe, there emerged those who controlled to manage good with the tough weather – Neanderthal guy. They shaped an prepared society, hunted Mammoths, and will make hearth. They have been capable of cross on wisdom; they cared for the previous and the handicapped, burying their lifeless, and putting presents on their graves. but, they turned extinct, regardless of their cultural abilities.

This richly illustrated ebook, written for basic audiences, presents a reliable examine the background, residing stipulations, and tradition of the Neanderthal.

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