The Motivation Hacker

The Motivation Hacker

“Moderation in all things,” they are saying. that can preserve a society jointly, yet it’s now not the protagonist’s activity. the inducement Hacker exhibits you ways to summon severe quantities of motivation to complete something you could reflect on. From precommitment to rejection remedy, this can be your box advisor to getting your self to wish to do every thing you usually desired to are looking to do.

I wrote this ebook in 3 months whereas concurrently making an attempt seventeen different missions, together with operating a startup, launching successful iPhone app, studying to put in writing 3,000 new chinese language phrases, education to aim a four-hour marathon from scratch, studying to skateboard, supporting construct a winning cognitive checking out web site, being most sensible guy at weddings, expanding my bench press via sixty kilos, interpreting twenty books, going skydiving, supporting to begin the Human Hacker residence, studying to throw knives, shedding my 5K time through 5 mins, and studying to lucid dream.

I deliberate to do all this whereas dozing 8 hours an evening, sending 1,000 emails, putting out with 100 humans, happening ten dates, shopping, cooking, cleansing, and attempting to increase my commonplace happiness from 6.3 to 7.3 out of 10.

How? by way of hacking my motivation.

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