The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works

The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works

Paul J. Zak

"Philosophy, economics, and biology have infrequently been so entertaining."
—Matt Ridley, writer of Genome

Paul J. Zak's proclivity for taking blood samples has earned him a nickname because the "vampire economist." yet his sanguinary behavior is sponsored by way of his scientifi­c quest: What if there has been a grasp swap for human habit? On, and folks are loving and beneficiant. Off, and so they revert to violence and greed. by way of learning millions of blood samples, Zak has pinpointed simply one of these change: a mind chemical referred to as oxytocin. Sprinting all over the world and into the human mind, ­The ethical Molecule is a blinding narrative as erudite and pleasing as bestsellers like Flow, Drive, and Why We Love.

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