The Matador's Crown (Rogue Angel, Book 38)

The Matador's Crown (Rogue Angel, Book 38)

Alex Archer, Michele Hauf

a call for participation too impossible to resist to refuse from the Museum of Cadiz leads archaeologist Annja Creed to the sun-drenched southern coast of Andalucia, Spain. In a sector wealthy in Moorish and Roman ruins, she leaps on the likelihood to hitch a dig around the Bay of Cadiz, the place she finds a bronze bull statue that makes the complete journey worthy each minute. until eventually the day after her discovery, whilst she sees an identical artifact beside the physique of a lifeless Spaniard, killed by means of the estocada, the ultimate sword thrust utilized by bullfighters to deliver down the bull.

Whoever killed the guy left transparent indicators of getting taken whatever. And but the bronze bull remained. What was once so invaluable the assassin selected it over a important artifact? How had her locate come into this lifeless man's fingers? With few leads and a turning out to be physique count number, Annja's research takes her via a colourful international of flamenco and bullfighting to a popular matador and an illegal—and deadly—collection of Visigoth votive crowns.

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