The Library at Night

The Library at Night

Alberto Manguel

Inspired by way of the method of making a library for his fifteenth-century domestic close to the Loire, in France, Alberto Manguel, the acclaimed author on books and interpreting, has taken up the topic of libraries. “Libraries,” he says, “have regularly looked as if it would me pleasantly mad locations, and for so long as i will be able to be mindful I’ve been seduced through their labyrinthine logic.” during this own, intentionally unsystematic, and wide-ranging publication, he bargains an enthralling meditation at the which means of libraries.


Manguel, a advisor of irrepressible enthusiasm, conducts a special library travel that extends from his adolescence bookshelves to the “complete” libraries of the web, from old Egypt and Greece to the Arab global, from China and Rome to Google. He ponders the doomed library of Alexandria in addition to the private libraries of Charles Dickens, Jorge Luis Borges, and others. He recounts tales of people that have struggled opposed to tyranny to maintain freedom of thought—the Polish librarian who smuggled books to safeguard because the Nazis started their destruction of Jewish libraries; the Afghani bookseller who saved his shop open via a long time of unrest. Oral “memory libraries” saved alive through prisoners, libraries of banned books, the imaginary library of count number Dracula, the library of books by no means written—Manguel illuminates the mysteries of libraries as no different author may perhaps. With rankings of amazing photographs all through, The Library at evening is a desirable voyage via Manguel’s brain, reminiscence, and titanic wisdom of books and civilizations.

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