The Last Days of Magic: A Novel

The Last Days of Magic: A Novel

Mark L. Tompkins

“Fantastic . . . a good, superbly specific publication and an pleasing read.”

"A fantastical treat." 

“Simultaneously sweeping and complicated . . . Tompkins’s remarkable debut novel conjures an epic conflict for the soul of eire. full of papal machination and royal intrigue, magic and mayhem, faeries, Vikings, legates, kings and queens, angels and goddesses, this is often one wild and breathless ride.” 
—KAREN pleasure FOWLER

“Plundering the treasure chest of human myths, from mysterious biblical giants to ferocious Celtic faeries, Tompkins has created a delusion experience with the transferring views of dreamscape. a unique wealthy and strange.”

What grew to become of magic on the planet? Who had to get rid of it, and for what purposes? Drawing on delusion, legend, fairy stories, and Biblical mysteries, The final Days of Magic brilliantly imagines solutions to those questions, sweeping us again to a global the place people and magical beings co-exist as that they had for centuries.
Aisling, a goddess in human shape, used to be born to rule either domain names and—with her dual, Anya—unite the Celts with the robust faeries of the center nation. yet inside medieval eire pursuits are divided, and much from its shorelines higher forces are mustering. either England and Rome have a stake in riding magic from the Emerald Isle. Jordan, the Vatican commander tasked with vanquishing the remnants of otherworldly creatures from a dissatisfied Europe, has outfitted a occupation on such plots. yet more and more he unearths himself torn among responsibility and his wish to comprehend the magic that has been forbidden.
As kings organize, exorcists assemble, and divisions widen among the warring clans of eire, Aisling and Jordan needs to come to phrases with powers given and withheld, whereas a global which may nonetheless foster magic hangs within the stability. Loyalties are established, betrayals sown, and the arriving battle could have repercussions that ripple centuries later, in today’s world—and specifically for a tender graduate pupil named Sara Hill.
The final Days of Magic
introduces us to unforgettable characters who grapple with quests for strength, human frailty, and the eager for wisdom that has been made taboo. Mark Tompkins has crafted a notable tale—a feat of world-building that poses striking and resonant solutions to epic questions.

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