The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum (The Magnetron Chronicles Book 1)

The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum (The Magnetron Chronicles Book 1)

Apocryphal Memoirs Of An Eccentric Genius

Nineteenth Century inventor Phineas Magnetron is a guy on a challenge during this first quantity of The Magnetron Chronicles sequence, a faithfully achieved parody of Victorian period technology fiction event stories, mixing ancient truth with unbelievable fiction.

Misunderstood, ostracized by means of his closest affiliates, Phineas embarks on a bold and not going caper to resurrect his lifeless mentor, the bombastic Dr. Hogalum, mustering all of the Steam Age bizarre technology at his disposal. He’ll bend the legislation of guy, nature, and physics, unearthing a haunting secret and going boldly the place no gentleman has long gone before.

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These are only many of the reviews by means of Wattpad readers, who've known as The final event of Dr. Yngve Hogalum "pure genius" and "an fascinating premise... seriously prompted by way of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells." Tens of millions of readers have already loved this "really compelling... parody of Victorian period pulp-fiction" with "a nice experience of style," and praised writer D.L. Mackenzie's "bloody impressive use of the language." The "language is totally redolent of the era," and "the writing kind is a joy!"

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Review through Kira Lerner, writer and Editor-in-Chief of

The Magnetron Chronicles relates the apocryphal stories of The Hogalum Society, a Victorian period membership of "great males and nice deeds" (of which Phineas Magnetron himself is a member, naturally). think about a bunch constituted of Harry Houdini, Thomas Edison, Sherlock Holmes, Nikola Tesla, and different such fictional and real-life Steam Age luminaries with unconventional abilities and ideas—all of whom have been seemed upon as a piece batty—and you should have a good suggestion of the Hogalum Society.

Anyway, the vanity of the sequence is that we're analyzing Magnetron's journals, and within the final event of Dr. Yngve Hogalum we thereby study of the unusual occasions that take place whilst Phineas takes it upon himself to resurrect the spirit of Dr. Hogalum (the writer tells me it really is reported "HO-ga-lum"), the Society's cherished founder and mentor who has lately died. Phineas' plan (think: zombies) isn't really warmly bought by means of his compatriots within the staff, who fear that he is misplaced his marbles. the truth that he attempts to accomplish the required initiatives himself is admirable yet his plans cross awry, and after digging up Hogalum's physique, he retrieves basically the top, which he intends to reanimate with voodoo. moderate challenge, simply because (as his Haitian buddy Petión observes) zombies are senseless our bodies, and the way valuable is a senseless head?

As you can most likely inform, the sequence is seriously encouraged via the works of H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, and—to a lesser extent—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And whats up, let's throw in Mark Twain in addition, because—despite the truth that the journals are written with utter sincerity and seriousness, this can be certainly (and deliberately) humorous satire. for instance, here is one in every of Dr. Hogalum's first reviews upon his revival:

"I don't desire to look ungrateful after having been raised from the dead," he stated in a beleaguered tone, "but i need to ask why you probably did no longer see healthy to incorporate my physique during this enterprise!"

Indeed. D. L. Mackenzie's well-written final event of Dr. Yngve Hogalum harks again to the earliest days of the technological know-how fiction serial, and does an outstanding task evoking the fashion of these genteel yet breathless stories of exceptional discoveries, strange innovations and unsafe (mis)adventure

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