The Inevitable: Contemporary Writers Confront Death

The Inevitable: Contemporary Writers Confront Death

David Shields, Bradford Morrow

What is dying and the way does it comment on existence? Twenty writers search for answers.

start isn't inevitable. existence definitely isn't really. the only real inevitability of lifestyles, the single convinced outcome of being alive, is loss of life. In those eloquent and stunning essays, twenty writers face this truth, between them Geoff Dyer, who describes the ghost motorcycles memorializing those that die in cycling injuries; Jonathan Safran Foer, featuring a brand new method of punctuating discussion within the face of a relations background of center assaults and decimation by means of the Holocaust; Mark Doty, whose reflections at the art-porn motion picture Bijou bring about a meditation at the intersection of intercourse and loss of life epitomized by way of the AIDS epidemic; and Joyce Carol Oates, who writes in regards to the lack of her husband and faces her personal mortality. different members contain Annie Dillard, Diane Ackerman, Peter Straub, and Brenda Hillman.

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