The Greek Myths

The Greek Myths

Robin A. H. Waterfield

A hugely readable and wonderfully illustrated re-telling of the main well-known tales from Greek mythology.

The Greek Myths includes essentially the most exciting, romantic, and unforgettable tales in all human heritage. From Achilles rampant at the fields of Troy, to the gods at recreation on Mount Olympus; from Icarus flying too just about the sunlight, to the superhuman feats of Heracles, Theseus, and the wily Odysseus, those undying stories exert an everlasting fascination and concept that experience persisted for millennia and inspired cultures from historic to modern.

Beginning on the sunrise of human civilization, while the Titan Prometheus stole fireplace from Zeus and provided mankind wish, the reader is straight away immersed within the majestic, magical, and legendary international of the Greek gods and heroes. because the stories spread, popular classicist Robin Waterfield, joined by way of his spouse, author Kathryn Waterfield, creates a sweeping landscape of the romance, intrigues, heroism, humour, sensuality, and brutality of the Greek myths and legends.

The bad curse that plagued the royal homes of Mycenae and Thebes, Jason and the golden fleece, Perseus and the dread Gorgon, the wood horse and the sack of Troy -- those remarkable tales have inspired paintings and literature from the Iron Age to the current day. and much from being only a treasure trove of wonderful stories, The Greek Myths is a listing of Greek delusion in paintings throughout the a while, and a impressive paintings of literature in its personal correct.

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