The Grand Ellipse

The Grand Ellipse

Paula Volsky

Paula Volsky, writer of The White Tribunal, returns with a brilliant saga of experience and intrigue, romance and rebellion—beginning with a wondrous discovery that may ceaselessly adjust the destiny of the loose world…

In the trendy, civilized republic of Vonahr, the necessity for magic turns out a specific thing of the earlier. yet quickly the Vonahrish will locate that magic is their in basic terms hope—for an imperialistic race of lovers, rationale on conquering the area, now lots on Vonahr’s borders.

Vonahr’s narrow probability for salvation lies in a close-by impartial country, the place an excellent savant has conjured up the final word weapon: Sentient hearth, a incredible flame that responds to the command of its maker.

Low Hetz’s mad, flamboyant king refuses to relinquish the secret—so the determined govt of Vonahr sends the exquisitely appealing adventurer Luzelle Devaire to show his head and alter his brain. yet to realize an viewers, Luzelle needs to win the Grand Ellipse, a try of persistence, ingenuity, and valor…

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