The Gospel of Thomas: The Gnostic Wisdom of Jesus

The Gospel of Thomas: The Gnostic Wisdom of Jesus

a brand new translation and research of the gospel that files the particular phrases of Jesus

• Explores the gnostic value of Jesus's teachings recorded during this gospel

• Explains the real nature of the hot guy whose coming Jesus estimated

• Translated and interpreted by way of the writer of the bestselling The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and The Gospel of Philip

One of the cache of codices and manuscripts found in Nag Hammadi, the Gospel of Thomas, not like the canonical gospels, doesn't include a story recording Christ's lifestyles and prophecies. as an alternative it's a number of his teachings--what he really stated. those 114 logia, or sayings, have been accumulated through Judas Didymus Thomas, whom a few declare to be Jesus's closest disciple. No quicker used to be this gospel exposed from the sands of higher Egypt than students and theologians started to bury it anew in a number of conflicting interpretations and polemics. whereas a few say it's a hodgepodge from the canonical gospels, for others it's the resource textual content from which the entire gospel writers drew their fabric and proposal.

In this new translation of the Gospel of Thomas, Jean-Yves Leloup exhibits that the Jesus recorded by means of the "infinitely skeptical and infinitely believing" Thomas has a lot in universal with gnostics of non-dualistic faculties. Like them, Jesus preaches the arrival of a brand new guy, the genesis of the guy of information. during this gospel, Jesus describes a trip from restricted to limitless realization. The Jesus of Thomas invitations us to drink deeply from the good of data that lies inside of, no longer in order that we may possibly develop into strong Christians yet so we could reach the self-knowledge that may make each one folks, too, a Christ.

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