The Gods of Olympus: A History

The Gods of Olympus: A History

Barbara Graziosi

An based and interesting account of the variations of the Greek gods around the a long time, from antiquity to the Renaissance and the current day

The gods of Olympus are the main colourful characters of Greek civilization: even in antiquity, they have been acknowledged to be merciless, oversexed, mad, or simply simple foolish. but for all their foibles and flaws, they proved to be tricky survivors, a long way outlasting classical Greece itself. In Egypt, the Olympian gods claimed to have given start to pharaohs; in Rome, they led first rate electorate into orgiastic rituals of drink and intercourse. less than Christianity and Islam they survived as demons, allegories, and planets; and within the Renaissance, they triumphantly emerged as ambassadors of a brand new, secular trust in humanity. Their geographic diversity, too, has been little in need of mind-blowing: of their exile, the gods and goddesses of Olympus have traveled east to the partitions of cave temples in China and west to colonize the Americas. They snuck into Italian cathedrals, haunted Nietzsche, and visited Borges in his stressed dreams.

In a full of life, unique heritage, Barbara Graziosi deals the 1st account to track the wanderings of those protean deities during the millennia. Drawing on quite a lot of literary and archaeological resources, The Gods of Olympus opens a brand new window at the old international, faith, mythology, and its lasting influence.

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