The God Confusion: Why Nobody Knows the Answer to the Ultimate Question

The God Confusion: Why Nobody Knows the Answer to the Ultimate Question

Gary Cox

What is God?Does he exist?Can we know?
The God Confusion deals a down-to-earth beginner's consultant for a person attracted to those questions. It doesn't evangelize for God and faith or, certainly, for atheism, secularism and technological know-how. as an alternative, it explores in a witty but aim and balanced manner the assumption of God and the strengths and weaknesses of the normal arguments for his lifestyles. Gary Cox exhibits that the philosophical reasoning on the middle of those arguments is logically incapable of relocating past hypothesis to any type of facts. the single credible philosophical place is consequently agnosticism. The God Confusion defends technological know-how ordinarily and the idea of evolution particularly. It argues that if faith isn't to seem more and more outmoded and ridiculous within the eyes of free-thinking, knowledgeable humans, it needs to accommodate technology and settle for that technological know-how has changed the outdated God of the gaps as a proof of common phenomena.

Concluding that God may possibly or would possibly not exist, considering that technological know-how, philosophy and theology are inherently incapable of proving or disproving his lifestyles, The God Confusion recognizes that non secular religion in accordance with a planned dedication to dwell as if there's a ethical God is a coherent suggestion and a necessary, even prudent company. even as, it rejects the assumption of internal simple task as mere wishful pondering, arguing that it isn't a coherent foundation for trust and is just undesirable faith.

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