Gentleman Thief

Gentleman Thief

Deborah Simmons

BOTHERATION! - Why her family members had elected to spend a complete season in dull bathtub, Georgiana Bellewether could not fathom. not anything to stimulate her inquisitive brain ever occurred here--until the evening woman Culpepper's emeralds have been stolen! Now, if in simple terms she may well continue her brain at the case and her arms off the enigmatic guy in black--the beguiling Lord Ashdowne...!

As the newly made, ever-responsible Marquis of Ashdowne, Johnathon Saxton bemoaned the inability of pleasure now marking his days. but if quixotic, unique Georgiana Bellewether actually tumbled into his hands, he knew he'd stuck himself an armful. the girl used to be a catastrophe within the making!

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