The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

Gerald H. Pollack

Hold on tight as Professor Pollack takes us on a ravishing voyage throughout the innovative of water, displaying us a hidden universe teeming with actual activity.

Everybody is aware water is simply H20... right?

You should be stunned to determine that after usual H2O touches so much surfaces, it transforms into EZ water, aka Fourth part water. This reworked water is essentially assorted. actually, it does not even percentage a similar formulation. EZ water is H3O2!

So what?

First off, EZ water isn't infrequent. you will find it all over. huge amounts exist in clouds, rain, waves, bushes, or even you. EZ water fills your cells.

Secondly, EZ water doesn't act like H2O. It has its personal set of characteristics dwelling someplace among traditional water and ice. because it builds from usual water, it creates electric cost- a battery of types. This power is used all through nature.

The book.

Pollack writes in a transparent, eloquent kind with anecdotes to spare. a number of whimsical illustrations and easy diagrams support get his issues throughout in a reader-friendly demeanour completely compatible for non-experts.

Topics diversity from:

• How EZ Water used to be came upon, and the way this dependent water seems in simple sight.
• clean reasons for plenty of long-held theories, reminiscent of: osmosis, Brownian movement, capillary motion, and the way vegetation develop.
• gigantic implications for future health, Biology, power.

The Fourth section of Water: past stable Liquid has garnered a number of awards together with the International Award of Excellence from the Society of Technical Communication.

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