The First Misadventure (The Chicken Squad, Book 1)

The First Misadventure (The Chicken Squad, Book 1)

Doreen Cronin

They're darling. They're bold. They understand their shapes! They're chicks on a mission—and in this, their first (mis)adventure, the fowl Squad launches a galactic yard expedition.

Meet the chook Squad: airborne dirt and dust, Sugar, Poppy, and Sweetie. those chicks will not be your average barnyard puffs of fluff, and they're no longer approximately to spend their days pecking fowl feed and chasing insects. No sir, they're too busy fixing mysteries and scuffling with crime.

So whilst Squirrel comes barreling into the chook coop, the chicks comprehend they're approximately to get a case. yet along with his terrible wisdom of shapes ("Big" isn't really a form, Squirrel!) and utter worry of no matter what it really is that's in the market, the panicky Squirrel isn't any aid. great thing those chicks are professionals.

But even execs get fearful. specially when they see that around, glossy, eco-friendly, vast factor within the backyard. What if it's a alien ship jam-packed with extraterrestrial beings who wish chickens as pets? It's as much as the poultry Squad to crack a case that simply can be out of this international.

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