The Field Guide to F*cking: A Hands-on Manual to Getting Great Sex

The Field Guide to F*cking: A Hands-on Manual to Getting Great Sex

Emily Dubberley

box publications to birds, bees, and bushes abound. even though, previously, there was no convenient connection with the wildest creature of all (the attractive human) in his typical habitat (the bedroom).

The box advisor to F*cking is a hilarious encyclopedia that indicates how you can determine actual features and peculiar seduction rituals of the creatures which are prone to be encountered in the course of sexual forays. hello, even individuals of an analogous species could have anatomical ameliorations, correct? What does one do whilst encountering a mushroom-headed penis or a hooded clit? every one access cross-references which thoughts for fucking cross most sensible with each one genital measurement, form, and quirk. for instance, when you run throughout a wide, thick penis, steer clear of positions the place the female's legs are over her head—unless she doesn't brain having her cervix bumped.

the sphere consultant to F*CKING teaches you ways to map out your partner's basic erogenous zones and decode sexual indications in accordance with physique language, kissing, and contact strategies. intercourse has attracted many adventurers looking for its oft-elusive pleasures. the sphere advisor to F*CKING is your fundamental advisor to navigating the rocky terrain of mating and seduction with ease.

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