The Encyclopedia of Useless Information

The Encyclopedia of Useless Information

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This is the perfectly pleasing compendium of strange factoids too fascinating to be contained on your typical encyclopedia. bold to cross-reference the un-cross-reference-able, to alphabetize what can't be alphabetized, and to convey the top focus of enjoyable that could slot in one book's backbone, this knowledge is simply too dead to waste:

In Denmark, pigs pass 'knor'; in Germany, horses pass 'prrrh'; in old Greece, canine went 'au au.' Italians sneeze 'ecci ecci.'

A instructor in Italy used to be disciplined in 1996 for passing scholars examination solutions hidden in salami sandwiches.

In 1957 the U.S. air strength accomplished a survey of the Atlantic Ocean yet refused to reveal its width in view that the knowledge will be of army use to the Russians.

In Paris in 1740 a cow used to be hanged in public following its conviction for sorcery.

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