The Egyptian Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends

The Egyptian Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends

Garry J. Shaw

An authoritative consultant to the Egyptian myths that sheds new mild on an old means of realizing the world

This survey of Egyptian mythology explores how the traditional Nile-dwellers defined the realm round them. It delves into the production and evolution of the area and the reigns of the gods on the earth, ahead of introducing us to the manifestations of Egypt’s deities within the normal setting; the creative ways that the Egyptians handled the invisible forces throughout them; and their ideals approximately existence after death.

Through his enticing narrative, Garry Shaw publications us during the mythic adventures of such recognized deities as Osiris, the god murdered by means of his jealous brother Seth; the mystical and infrequently devious Isis, who plotted to realize the facility of the solar god Re; and Horus, who defeated his uncle Seth to turn into king of Egypt. He additionally introduces us to lesser identified myths, equivalent to the rebellions opposed to Re; Geb’s quest for Re’s magical wig; and the flaying of the unlucky god Nemty. From stars and heavenly our bodies crusing on boats, to the wind as manifestation of the god Shu, to gods, goddesses, ghosts, and demons―beings that may be competitive, precious, clever, or dangerous―Shaw is going directly to clarify how the Egyptians encountered the mythological of their daily lives.

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