The Earl's Mistress (MacLachlan Family & Friends)

The Earl's Mistress (MacLachlan Family & Friends)

Liz Carlyle

New York Times bestselling writer Liz Carlyle creates her darkest, such a lot sensuous tale but, as a tasty yet determined governess runs headlong into the trail of a infamous rake

Women hardly ever refuse the depraved Earl of Hepplewood, whose bold exploits are just whispered approximately. but if his new governess solutions his proposition with a slap, then stalks out, references in hand, Hepplewood unearths greater than his face is burning.

Isabella Aldridge has brains, bravado, and beauty—but the latter isn't any use to a servant. Her conditions are determined, and with Hepplewood's phrases ringing in her ears, Isabella realizes she needs to barter her so much marketable asset . . . her body.

But whilst destiny sends Isabella again into Hepplewood's palms, the earl needs to make an very unlikely choice—draw Isabella down into his sensual darkness, or behave with honor for the 1st time in his life.

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