The Devil You Know: The Surprising Link between Conservative Christianity and Crime

The Devil You Know: The Surprising Link between Conservative Christianity and Crime

during this trenchant exam of Christianity’s darkish aspect, a criminologist argues persuasively that top charges of violent crime within the usa should be correlated with Christian conservative attitudes, particularly in regard to social mores and politics. Of specific problem is “Christian nationalism.” Supporters of this move argue that the US used to be based as a Christian kingdom they usually paintings to put in their fundamentalist model of Christianity because the dominant consider American political and social existence. faraway from being a enthusiast outlier sect, this staff is proven to have major cultural effect, specially within the American South. no longer coincidentally, the writer indicates, the South additionally has the top murder premiums.

Noting the violent biblical passages frequently stated via spiritual conservatives, their feel of righteousness, their dogmatic approach that tolerates no dissent, and their help for harshly punitive measures towards “sinners,” Peterson Sparks exhibits that their worldview is the correct seedbed for violence. not just does this frame of mind make violent reactions in interpersonal conflicts much more likely, the writer says, however it exacerbates the issues of the felony justice method by way of advocating rules that create excessive incarceration premiums. the writer additionally devotes specific awareness to the victimization of ladies, young ones, and LGBT humans, which follows from this inflexible trust process.  

While now not resorting to a blanket condemnation of Christianity or faith as an entire, Peterson Sparks concerns a take-heed call relating to conservative Christianity’s poisonous mix of fundamentalism, authoritarian politics, patriotism, and retributory justice.

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