The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower

The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower

Robert Baer

during the last thirty years, whereas the us has became both a blind or dismissive eye, Iran has emerged as a country every piece as able to changing America’s future as conventional superpowers Russia and China. certainly, one in all this book’s principal arguments is that, in many ways, Iran’s grip on America’s destiny is even tighter.

As ex–CIA operative Robert Baer masterfully exhibits, Iran has maneuvered itself into the elite superpower ranks by means of exploiting american citizens’ fake perceptions of what Iran is—by letting us think it's a nation run via scowling non secular fans, too preoccupied with theocratic jostling and terrorist agendas to bolster its political and monetary foundations.

The fact is way extra frightening—and but inside the power disaster is an implicit political reaction that, if we’re daring adequate to undertake it, may possibly circumvent disaster.

Baer’s on-the-ground sleuthing and interviews with key center East players—everyone from an Iranian ayatollah to the king of Bahrain to the top of Israel’s inner security—paint an image of the centuries-old Shia state that's starkly the other of the single typically drawn. for instance, Iran’s hate-spouting President Ahmadinejad is not at all the genuine spokesman for Iranian international coverage, neither is Iran making it the top precedence to develop into a nuclear participant.

Even so, Baer has stumbled on that Iran is presently engaged in a delicate takeover of the center East, that the proxy approach to war-making and co-option it perfected with Hezbollah in Lebanon is being exported in the course of the zone, that Iran now controls a good portion of Iraq, that it really is extending its impression over Jordan and Egypt, that the Arab Emirates and different Gulf States are being pulled into its sphere, and that it'll almost immediately have a company carry at the world’s oil spigot.

By blending anecdotes with details gleaned from clandestine resources, Baer fantastically demonstrates that Iran, faraway from being a wild-eyed rogue country, is a rational actor—one expert within the online game of countries and so potent at thwarting perceived Western colonialism that even rival Sunnis have fun with struggling with lower than its banner.

For U.S. coverage makers, the alternatives have narrowed: both cede the world’s most vital power corridors to a kingdom which could fit us militarily with its uneven services (which comprise using suicide bombers)—or care for the satan we all know. we would simply locate that during allying with Iran, we’ll have elevated not only our personal safety yet that of all center East nations.The alternative—to proceed goading Iran into developing hegemony over the Muslim world—is too chilling to contemplate.

From the Hardcover edition.

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