The Darwin Awards: Evolution in Action (Darwin Awards (Plume Books))

The Darwin Awards: Evolution in Action (Darwin Awards (Plume Books))

Wendy Northcutt

With over 1 / 4 million copies in print and 6 months at the long island occasions bestseller checklist, The Darwin Awards exhibits that readers crave humor. And what larger position to discover it than within the tales of these humans who enhance the gene pool through removal themselves from it in a sublimely idiotic fashion.

Marvel on the thief who attempts to thieve reside electric wires. Gape on the lawnchair jockey who floats to a top of 16,000 ft suspended via helium balloons. And research from the fellow who friends right into a fuel can utilizing a cigarette lighter. All contend for Darwin Awards whilst their offerings culminate in fantastic misadventures.

These stories of trial and awe-inspiring error-verified through the writer and counseled through web site readers-illustrate the continued saga of survival of the fittest in all its selective glory. The Darwin Awards vividly portrays the best examples of evolution in motion, and indicates us simply how unusual logic should be.

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