The Cross On The Drum

The Cross On The Drum

Hugh B. Cave

a wierd younger guy, Barry Clinton. not like such a lot younger missionaries, who got here to the island to save lots of souls, this one had include a belligerent skepticism and a riding choice to conflict ailment and starvation.

He had come to the Ile du Vent with a Bible and some meager scientific provides, able to make the little Caribbean island a greater position during which to live.

The move at the Drum is the tale of the unusual friendship of Barry Clinton and Catus Laroche, excessive priest of vodun, the savage, ritualistic faith which no white guy had ever dared defy. It tells of the tormented, embittered passions of the opposite islanders—white and black—and how they undermined the bond among those males, altering their mutual appreciate into brooding, vengeful hatred, and turning the island's drowsy, sunlit tranquility right into a feverish, drum-pounding battleground.

Hugh B. Cave, whose wisdom and deep realizing of lifestyles and customs within the West Indies uncommon his previous works, has written the following an explosive, dramatic novel of Christianity and voodoo on a Caribbean island.

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