The Construction of Preference

The Construction of Preference

Paul Slovic, Sarah Lichtenstein

one of many major issues that has emerged from behavioral choice examine in the past 3 many years is the view that people's personal tastes are frequently developed within the strategy of elicitation. this concept is derived from experiences demonstrating that normatively similar tools of elicitation (e.g., selection and pricing) provide upward thrust to systematically diversified responses.

These choice reversals violate the primary of technique invariance that's primary to all theories of rational selection. If assorted elicitation systems produce diversified orderings of techniques, how can personal tastes be outlined and in what feel do they exist?

This publication indicates not just the ancient roots of choice building but in addition the blossoming of the idea that inside psychology, legislation, advertising and marketing, philosophy, environmental coverage, and economics. determination making is now understood to be a hugely contingent kind of details processing, delicate to activity complexity, time strain, reaction mode, framing, reference issues, and different contextual elements.

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