The Bridge at No Gun Ri: A Hidden Nightmare from the Korean War

The Bridge at No Gun Ri: A Hidden Nightmare from the Korean War

Charles J. Hanley, Martha Mendoza, Sang-hun Choe, Randy Herschaft

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Author note: With study assistance via Randy Herschaft
Publish yr note: initially released in 1901 consistent with Goodreads. Is that correct as within hide implies 2001 is first Henry Holt edition?

In the autumn of 1999, a group of linked Press investigative newshounds broke the scoop that U.S. troops had massacred a wide workforce of South Korean civilians early within the Korean battle. at the eve of that pivotal war's fiftieth anniversary, their experiences delivered to mild a narrative that were surpressed for many years, confirming allegations the U.S. army had sought to brush off. It made headlines round the world.

In The Bridge at No Gun Ri, the crew tells the bigger, human tale in the back of the incident throughout the eyes of the folks who survived it. the yankee aspect, the fairway recruits of the "good time" U.S. military in Japan, was once made from young children who considered unarmed farmers as enemies, and of generals who had by no means led males into conflict. at the Korean part have been peasant households pressured to escape their ancestral village stuck among the invading North Koreans and the U.S. military. The narrative examines sufferers either Korean and American; the normal lives and high-level judgements that resulted in the deadly come upon; the phobia of the three-day slaughter; and the stories and ghosts that perpetually haunted the survivors.

Based on huge archival study and greater than 500 interviews with U.S. veterans and Korean survivors, The Bridge at No Gun Ri is a unprecedented account of the tragic occasions of July 1950 that the realm should not forget.

Charles J. Hanley, Sang-Hun Choe, and Martha Mendoza have been offered the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting. Hanley is a unique correspondent with the linked Press foreign table in ny and the co-author of 2 books of nonfiction. Choe, whose paintings bought a distinct award from the Korean newshounds organization, is an AP reporter in Seoul, South Korea. Mendoza, the recipient of a John S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford, is an AP nationwide reporter in San Jose, California.

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