The Book on the Bookshelf

The Book on the Bookshelf

Henry Petroski

From the writer of the hugely praised The Pencil and The Evolution of priceless Things comes one other desirable background of the likely mundane: the booklet and its storage.

Most folks take with no consideration that our books are vertical on our cabinets with the spines dealing with out, yet Henry Petroski, inveterately curious engineer, didn't.  As a outcome, readers are guided alongside the remarkable evolution from papyrus scrolls boxed at Alexandria to upright books shelved on the Library of Congress. Unimpeachably researched, enviably written, and charmed with anecdotes from Seneca to Samuel Pepys to a nineteenth-century bibliophile who needed to climb over his books to get into mattress, The e-book at the Bookshelf is necessary for a person who loves books.

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