The Art of Lying Down: A Guide to Horizontal Living

The Art of Lying Down: A Guide to Horizontal Living

Bernd Brunner

“A unusual and dreamy voice . . . , like an Italo Calvino brief tale, interestingly translated from a few misplaced, imprecise language.”
—Elizabeth Gilbert, writer of Eat, Pray, Love

An completely fascinating research of the historical past of mendacity down—which is extra advanced than you may think

We spend an exceptional 3rd of our lives mendacity down: snoozing, dreaming, making love, pondering, interpreting, and getting good. Bernd Brunner’s ode to mendacity down is a wealthy exploration of cultural historical past and an pleasing number of stories, starting from the heritage of the bed to the “slow residing stream” to Stone Age repose—when humans didn't sleep mendacity down—and past. He methods the horizontal kingdom from a couple of instructions, yet by no means loses his willing experience for the ordinary or strange detail.

faraway from being a pose of passivity or laziness, mendacity down could be a protest, an opportunity to assemble concepts or swap your element of view—the different facet to our upright, effective lives. Brunner makes an eloquent case for the significance of mendacity down in a global that values ever-greater degrees of task, arguing that point spent horizontally deals rewards that we’d do good to not ignore. 

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