The Arctic: Enigmas and Myths

The Arctic: Enigmas and Myths

Paul Simpson-Housley

This e-book seeks to supply illustrations of Artic mysteries and fictions which frequently ensue due to misconceptions of Artic geography. The chapters are tremendous diverse in material, and conclusions are within the area of speculation.

The ebook starts with very early examples of northern travels beginning with the possible adventures of Pytheas the Greek, Brendan the Irish monk and the 4 medieval odysseys of Adam of Bremen, Nicolas of Lynn, Prince Henry Sinclair and Zeno of Venice.

No account of polar enigmas will be entire irrespective of the Franklin day trip, the potential destiny of his misplaced ships and the talk over no matter if his males dedicated cannibalism. The publication concludes with a deliberation on no matter if cook dinner or Perry truly did achieve the North Pole, hinting that maybe neither of them reached their aim.

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